This tour takes you through some of Icelands most spetacular areas, volcanic active areas, biggest waterfalls, pseudo crates and so much more. You simply must go to know what it intales as words cannot describe it all.


Day 1 Reykjavik sight seeing - Thingvellir - Geysir - Skálholt

The first day in Iceland starts with a sightseeing tour of the capital Reykjavík, with visits to such important attractions such as City Hall, Hallkrimskirkja and Perlan, for short stops and opportunities for photography. Self-catering groups will be able to buy food in supermarkets. The journey the continues to the historic parliamentary site of Thingvellir. Beside receiving historical information, tour members also get a first impression of the special geology of Iceland. From there, the tour continues to the world famous geysirs in Haukadalur valley, the most famous of which, Geysir himself, gave its name to all hot springs of the same type in the world. In addition to the geysirs themselves, a museum in Haukadalur invites visitors to get to know more about the unique geology of the area. The tour then takes us to the former bishop's residence of Skálholt, which was the cultural centre of Iceland for more than 700 years. From there it is just a few minutes by bus to our accommodation for the night.

Day 2 Gullfoss - Kjölur - Hveravellir - Varmahlid

Today the tour leads through the rugged Icelandic highlands on the Kjölur-road northbound. Just before we leave the main road we pass Gullfoss, the "golden waterfall", which is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. In the early afternoon we reach a mountain hut at Hveravellir, located between the inland glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. Here we can enjoy a bath in the warm springs close to the hut and recover from the rough and dusty mountain road. Then we continue northbound through the highlands and reach our accommodation close to Varmahlid in the evening.

Day 3 Glaumbær - Akureyri - Mývatn

We start this day with a visit to the historical museum Glaumbær, in which we can get an extensive overview of the way of life and kind of buildings existed in Iceland in earlier times. Later in the morning we reach the city of Akureyri, the "capital" of the north. Because of its very special atmosphere, the city is also called the "pearl of the north". After a sightseeing tour by bus, the partcipants can explore the city by themselves. We will stop on the south side of lake Mývatn to see pseudo-craters that abound there, and will reach our accommodation in the Mývatn area in the late afternoon.

Day 4 Námaskard - Krafla - Viti - Mývatn

After a short bus ride this morning we will reach the unique sulphur fields of Námaskard. Here we can see boiling mud pots contrasted against the colourful scenery of the sulphurous mountains. At this point we are near the Krafla areas, one of the most volcanic areas of the country. After a visit of the only maar of Iceland, the explosion grater Víti ("Hell"), we begin an exploration of very recent and still warm lava, which was formed by a row of eruptions of Krafla in the mid-1980s. From this point, we can start a three hours walk through a fascinating lava landscape, back to the Mývatn area and our accommodation. Depending on the wheather and what the group wants, shorter walking tours are possible. We spend this night in the Mývatn area again.

Day 5 Hverfjall - Dimmuborgir

After a short bus ride, we begin this morning's journey with a hiking tour up to the explosive crater Hverfjall. This two hours tour offers an amazing view of the Mývatn area. From Hverfjall, the hiking tour continues to the lava labyrinth Dimmuborgir. The afternoon is at the participants own disposal, with the possibility of a horse riding tour on Icelandic horses, or a nice swim in a swimming pool close to our accommodation.

Day 6 Dettifoss - Vesturdalur - Ásbyrgi - Húsavík

The journey continues northbound on the ring-road. Early in the morning we will reach Dettifoss, Europe´s most powerful waterfall. Later we will have ample oppor-tunity to visit a nearby national park in Vesturdalur, at the northernly boarder of which lies the impressive, horseshoe-shaped Ásbyrgi. We will spend the night near the village of Húsavík.

Day 7 Húsavík - whale watching - Godafoss - Blönduós

After a short bus ride this morning, we reach the coastal town of Húsavík. Here, the tour members have the possibility to go on a three hours whale watching tour. A whale museum, which is located close to the harbour, provides us with plenty of interesting information about whales and marine wildlife around Iceland. We next head south to Goðafoss, which may not be the biggest, but is surely one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Later in the afternoon, we reach our accommodation in Blönduós.

Day 8 Reykholt - Barnafoss - Hraunfossar - Eldborg - Reykjavik

Today, the journey takes us southbound on the ring road back to Reykjavik. Later in the moning we reach the small village Reykholt. A visit of the Snorri-museum in Reykholt gives us an impression of the history of the Icelandic Sagas and of the life of one of the most important scholars of the Middle Ages, Snorri Sturluson. The nearby waterfalls Barnafoss and Hraunfossar are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. On the ride back to Reykjavik, there will be several opportunities to stop for photographs, and the possibility of a nice walk on top of the old crater Eldborg, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. In the early evening we return to our accommodation in Reykjavik.